Hi folks!!  We’re still getting used to all of this so bear with us.  As I write this, I am really wondering how I am going to keep everyone interested in what we have to say and frankly, I don’t have the first idea what you want to hear about so stay in contact and let us know what you are interested in.  For now, I’ll wing it a bit.

So, the news that is fit to print is that our transition to new management and staff is nearly complete.  For those of you who are in more often, you have seen some changes and there are more coming!  We are going to have some fun at the store this summer and try some things that are new to us and, hopefully, fun for all of us!!  One of the things to remember about us is that we love what we do so we want to share some of the better things we’ve found with you on a pretty regular basis.  Sometimes, we’ll do that here with a simple post.  Other times, we’ll have some of our friends out to tell you about their experience with a particular beverage.

A lot of you have heard about some of the things we are going to be adding and some of you have been in to see the updated craft beer selection and the improved bourbon selection.  Those are just the beginning!  In a few weeks we will begin to install our new growler system and will be the first store in Nicholasville to offer growlers of beer!  I can’t yet tell you exactly what will be on tap at first, but I can let you know that we are putting in a six tap set and we are working to develop a plan that will save you money as you continue to refill your Starting Gate growler.  I also have a meeting on Wednesday this week to discuss a couple of more products and experiences that we want to add in the very near future.  I will let you know more about those when details are finalized but, look for detailed announcements here on the blog very soon!!

Until next time, remember it is happy hour somewhere!!


Happy Drinking!!